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Project Duration

3 Months


To feel nostalgic is to time travel, moving through a wave of emotions and sensory language to go back to a memory. This fleeting but sweet excursion all happens within our mind and body, and since our mind can only remember so much, this excursion may be cloudy and hazy. Reminded Of explores the opportunity to bring the nostalgic memory out of our mind and into our physical space. 

Going to Beach.png

Bringing Reminded Of into our homes open up opportunities in creating our smart home technologies more personal and captivating.

Cooking with Family

Building Reminded Of  includes several stages of research on nostalgia itself and our relationship with it. I conducted research interviews to understand different nostalgic experiences and what prompted it. Additionally, I carried out user testings to assess what works.

Every time I listen to any classical guitar sound, it reminds me of the beaches around my home. They are usually very far from where I live but growing up, me and my family would go to there for vacation. And it makes me so happy and nostalgic about those times. But if I really think about it right now, it makes me think of the future. I want to be able to have the same memories in the future.  

Paola, 26, Costa Rica.


My research interviews showed that the keywords under family, food, and holiday are the most recurring. Combining the themes together, the memories that were decided on were Cooking with Family, Home for Christmas and Going to the Beach.


Going to the Beach


Home for Christmas


Cooking with Family

User Testing & Takeaways

After conducting several user testings, I have received some great feedback to iterate and expand on Reminded Of.

1. Adding more sensory languages. Adding more sound and smell will allow Reminded Of to be more immersive and accessible to users with visual impairment.

2. Refine interactions to be dynamic. User testings show that people are more engaged interacting with Cooking with Family as it is more dynamic than the others. 

3. Bringing into our homes. Reminded Of uses technology to evoke nostalgia which is a strong emotion. It releases dopamine in our brain and makes us happy and warm. Beyond accessibility and efficiency, applying Reminded Of's concept to our smart technologies can make them more personal and captivating.

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