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UI/UX Designer





Project Duration

1 Month


Individual Project

This is a personal project and not a collaborative project with Venmo.

"I would divide the bill evenly even though
I did not eat as much — just because
it is easier."


Splitting the bill became a demanding chore after a social gathering. It is a smooth process when all we have to do is look at the receipt and split it equally among everybody. But what happens when you ate a $12 sandwich, Aimee ate a $7 salad, Erica ate a $20 steak, everyone shared fries but you and Aimee had a bottle of wine and Erica just had water?

Problem Statement

Venmo is one of the most widely used app among peer-to-peer payments. With its convenience, Venmo quickly became an accessible product during a social gathering — users are able to send, request and receive money from other users. However when splitting a bill is needed, users are still expected to do their own calculations outside the product. 


Image taken from Google.

Multiple Programs Integration

To split a bill accurately, we would need to integrate multiple programs — a program to keep track, take notes, calculate and do transactions. It is extremely inconvenient and tedious, it made splitting a bill feels like a chore.

Lengthy Process

Calculating how much a person owes takes longer than it should. The time wasted could be spent on another “let’s catch up” meal.

Inaccurate Results

Since everything is done manually, there is room for errors and mistakes.


After considering the three main points and their solutions, I began my design process.


The integral part of this whole feature is selecting who had what. I explored different screens and the goal was to create a quick experience and yet achieving definite results.


Optimizing one’s flow with adding a splitting feature in Venmo. Input all the necessary information and have Venmo do all the calculations while you and your friends can enjoy each other’s company. 


Adding Items

Provided users two options to add their items. The scan/camera option allows users to quickly input their items and when it is not applicable, users are able to enter all the included items manually.


Assigning Items

Introducing the accordion design to hide items when all is selected and to show items when only some are selected. The accordion design allows the screen to stay uncluttered and easy to navigate when you have 20+ friends.

All-In-One Integration

Have Venmo split accurate amounts, request, and receive the right amount.

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